Viator Coupon Codes for February 2017

Thank you for visiting our Viator coupon codes page! We have collected the best Viator coupons available from around the web, and we have placed them here to help you save money. Everyone loves to travel, but no one loves having to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to do so. With these helpful coupon codes, you should be able to plan a dream vacation for a reasonable price!

Viator is a leader in the booking of activities and adventures around the world. When you go on vacation, you don’t just want to sit around the hotel – you want to get out and have fun! Viator will help you do just that, and these coupons are going to help you save a few dollars in the process.

Each of the coupons you see on this page has been recently tested, so you can be confident that they are working currently. Have fun shopping, and then use these codes to get the best deal when you are ready to check out!

Best Viator Coupons Right Now (Newest Listed First):

  • Save 12% Off Sitewide with Viator:

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    Save 12% off activities sitewide when you use this coupon code.
    • Save up to 20% Off Sitewide:

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      For thanksgiving, you can save up to 20% off when you use this coupon code, depending on how much you buy. The deals are 10% off purchases of $150 or more, 15% off $250 or more, and 20% off $400 or more.
    • Save 5% Off Viator Purchases:

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      This is a rare site-wide coupon code that will save you 5% off your purchase from Viator.
    • Save 20% Off Universal Orlando 2-Park, 7 Day Tickets:

      This is a great deal that will save you a full 20% off Universal Orlando tickets. We all know how expensive those tickets are, so taking 20% off is a huge discount. No promo code required, instead this is a link-activated promotion.
    • Save 10% Off Your First Purchase When You Sign Up For Viator’s Newsletter:

      When you subscribe to Viator’s newsletter, you’ll receive a custom coupon code that you can use to save 10% off your first purchase. This promo code is unique for each person.
    • Save 37% Off Legends in Concert at the Flamingo Resort in Las Vegas:

      See all your favorite singers in one show with the Legends in Concert. Save 37% off your purchase from now until September 12th. No promo code required: just click the link and the discounted price will automatically take effect.
    • Save 24% Off New York’s Circle Line: Beast Speedboat Ride

      Right now you can tour the New York harbour for 24% off when you book through Viator. No promo code required.
    • Save up to 40% Off Tours and Activities in London:

      Save up to 40% off when you book tours and activities through this special link-activated promotion.
    • Save up to 40% Off Tours and Activities in Las Vegas:

      Head to Vegas and save up to 40% off tours and activities in the area. Shows in the area tend to be quite expensive, so
    • Save 16% Off The Hard Rock Cafe in San Diego:

      Save 16% Off The Hard Rock Cafe in San Diego. No promo code required.

    How to use Viator Coupons

    As you may now, some sites make it a bit tricky to find the spot where you are supposed to get the savings you desire. While the Viator site makes this process pretty simple, we have still put together the step-by-step guide below to make this part of the shopping experience as easy as possible.

    1. Select your desired tour or activity.
    2. In the order summary area, in the bottom right hand corner, you’ll see a box that says: “Enter Promo Code (optional)”. It’s not optional! We want to save some money!
      Viator promo code - how to use

      The Viator coupon code box looks like this:

    3. Click Apply.
    4. If the discount code is valid, you’ll see a bubble in the bottom-left hand corner of your screen that says this:Viator coupon code - success
    5. Complete your purchase as normal. You’re done!

    A Little Background Info on Viator:

    viator coupon

    Viator is a company under the umbrella of online travel giant TripAdvisor. If you have used the web at all when planning any kind of vacation, you are certainly familiar with the TripAdvisor website, and perhaps their app as well. With millions of reviews of destinations all over the globe, TripAdvisor is an incredibly valuable resource to those trying to plan a successful vacation.

    One of the great strengths of the Viator platform is the sheer size of the parent their parent company. Having the resources of a business like TripAdvisor means that Viator can use offices from around the world to gather information on tours and adventures that travelers are sure to love. Rather than simply hoping that a specific experience will meet your expectations, you can use the information presented on Viator to research all of your options before selecting the one that is right for you and your family.

    Viator is also committed to offering you the lowest available prices on the tours and experiences that you choose to book – and that’s not to mention the additional savings you will enjoy through our coupon codes! You can feel confident that you are getting the best available price when you book through Viator – the only thing left to do will be to pack for your trip!

    Viator on the Web:

    As you would expect for a company that is based on technology, Viator does a great job of leveraging the power of social media to connect with potential customers. Both their Facebook and Twitter accounts are updated on a daily basis, often with travel ideas and pictures from beautiful locations.

    The breathtaking pictures they post are reason enough to follow Viator on one of these platforms. Also, the Twitter account will occasionally retweet messages from other followers, so you might be able to present your pictures or videos to an audience of more than 170,000 followers if they pick your tweet!

    In addition to the stream of content that lands on these social media pages, Viator also replies to customer issues through these channels as well. If you drop them a note on Twitter or Facebook related to your experience, you are likely to receive a response – and hopefully, a resolution to your issue. It is always nice to work with companies that are available to respond quickly, and that seems to be the case with Viator.

    Viator on YouTube:

    Do you prefer to consume your content via video when surfing the web? If so, the Viator YouTube Channel may be perfect for you to get your information quickly and easily. The YouTube channel is extremely active, with fresh videos being posted multiple times per week. These videos often highlight various activities that you can enjoy in some of the top vacation destinations around the globe. Thinking of booking an adventure in a place like Vegas, Mexico, Peru, or another great location? There is a chance that Viator has already posted a video! Keep an eye on this fun YouTube Channel and you might see a video that inspires your next great trip. Check it out on our sidebar to the right (below the post for mobile users!).

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