Godaddy Renewal Coupon Codes

Godaddy Renewal Coupon Codes for January 2017

Important Note About Renewal Promo Codes: Recently GoDaddy has made the decision to suspend most promo codes that worked for domain and hosting renewals. While those renewal-specific codes aren’t working, there are plenty of general purpose coupon codes that will still work on renewal purchases.

GoDaddy did this to encourage its customers to join the Discount Domain Club. Once you buy a membership in their club (starting at $7.50/month) you get special discount pricing on new domains, renewals, and transfers. We have a promo code to help you save 33% off membership in the club. If you don’t want to join the club, this list has promo codes that will still work on renewal purchases.

All The Best GoDaddy Renewal Coupon Codes Right Now:

  • Save 30% Off All New Products:

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    Save 30% off all new products (except for gift cards and already discounted items). This works for some product renewals, but not others. Try this one, and if it doesn’t work, try one of the promo codes below.
  • Get $15 Off When You Spend $75:

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    Best Deal! Use this promo code to get $15 off your order when you spend $75. This offer includes renewals, so it’s the best deal currently out there. If you renew your domain for multiple years, or purchase multiple products in one order, then you can easily get up to the $75 threshold to qualify for the discount.
  • Save $5 Off Your Order of $30 Or More:

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    If you can’t get your order up to $75, then this is the next best deal: take $5 off your order of $30 or more. Registering a .COM for two years, or renewing two domain names of any type will take you over the $30 threshold.
  • Save 33% Off Membership in the GoDaddy Discount Domain Club:

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    Need a promo code to help you get more promo codes? This is for you: save 33% off membership in the discount domain club. Once inside the club you’ll be given exclusive offers and pricing for domain & hosting renewals.
  • Get $10 Off Your Order of $50 or More:

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    This is an odd promo code that was submitted by one of our readers. But it works pretty well: save $10 off your order of $50 or more. If you can’t quite get your order to $75, but you have ordered much more than $30, then this coupon code is like Goldilocks: just right.
  • Save 10% Off All New Products:

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    Use this promo code to save 10% off all products. This code has no minimum purchase requirement, so it will work for everything.
  • 10% Off All New Orders:

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    Another promo code to save 10% off all new products with Godaddy.
  • 30% Off Most GoDaddy Products:

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    Save 30% off. While this is technically for ‘new products’, it seems to work on some renewals as well.
  • 99 Cent .COM Domains!

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    This isn’t for renewals, but if you have an idea for a new website, use this coupon code and you can get a .COM domain for just 99 cents. Deals don’t get any better than this.
  • Bulk Domains: Get $5 .COM Domains:

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    The 99 cent domain coupon only works for one .COM for a new customer. Whereas this promo code will let you order up to 5 .COM domain names at a time for just $5 each. If you are purchasing domain names in bulk, this one is your best bet in the long run.

How to Use These GoDaddy Renewal Promo Codes:

You probably got something like this in the the mail from GoDaddy. The dreaded “Renewal Notice”:

how to use renewal coupons - godaddy

But renewing your domain(s) can be a great opportunity to save lots of money. If you decide to renew lots of products at once you can save a significant amount of money. Here’s a quick step by step guide:

Step 1: Click “Renew Now!”

In your renewal notice email there will be an orange button that says “renew now”. It will automatically take you to the renewal page at, so you’ll save a few steps.

Step 2: Select Your Renewal Length:

select domain renewal length

You can choose anywhere from 1 to 10 years for domain names. It used to be a maximum of five years, but recent changes in iCANN restrictions have allowed domain registrars to sell registrations for up to ten years.

Does it matter how long you renew your domain for? Google has said that they don’t take your domain name length into consideration when ranking your website. But it does help with peace of mind if you renew it for multiple years. Less worries, and less ‘renewal notice’ emails from GoDaddy.

Step 3: Enter Promo Code in Shopping Cart:

When you reach the shopping cart, you’ll see the promo code box in the bottom of the shopping cart, like this:

godaddy renewal promo code - enter code

Enter the promo code and click “Apply”. The discounted pricing should then take effect.

Does it not work? Keep on trying codes until you get the maximum savings possible.

And you’re done!

GoDaddy’s Recent Moves:

While the world’s largest domain registrar could be content to sit and count its money, GoDaddy is aggressively moving to try and become the ideal one-stop shop for small business owners. Here are some the recent moves GoDaddy has taken:

New Company Direction for Godaddy:

Recently GoDaddy has focused their company on making tools to help small business. Whether it’s their website builders, specialized wordpress hosting, or VPS plans, Godaddy is trying to make themselves the preeminent ‘small business hosting company’. Check out the video below. Do you agree?

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