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Coupon Go – Travel Promo Codes
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Welcome to Coupon Go!

Welcome to the best resource for travel discount codes and discounts! Like you, we’re on a mission: we want to travel smarter, and not pay extra money when we don’t have to. We’ve also expanded to provide discounts for more than just travel!

We currently host hundreds of promo codes for airlines, hotels, rental cars and other travel services to help you save money. We are also adding dozens more daily.

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Our ‘Weekly Deals’ is our main newsletter that will send you only the very best deals happening that week. If you select one of the popular travel merchants like Expedia or Hotwire, then you will only receive an email when those merchants are having a great sale.

A Little Bit About Our Hotel Travel Promo Codes:

Our website features discount codes and limited time offers from major hotel websites like Hotels.com, Expedia, Travelocity, Hotwire and more. Yes, even Hotwire offers discounts on their ‘unpublished rates’.

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Save on Hotels:

We have dedicated pages for the most popular hotel booking services like Hotels.com, Hotwire, and Expedia. In addition, we also have pages for discount hotel services like Priceline.com and Booking.com, which don’t offer coupon codes but do have daily sales that we can point you too:

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Hotwire Coupon Codes

Hotwire Coupon Codes Updated for April 2017: Welcome to our round up of promo codes and coupons for Hotwire! The online travel website first grabbed attention for offering deep discounts on hotel rooms. The way that [...]

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Priceline Coupon Code

Priceline Coupon Codes for April 2017 When looking to get a great deal on travel, Priceline is one of the most-popular places to shop. If you have used Priceline before, you already know that they [...]

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Booking.com Coupon Codes

Booking.com Coupon Codes Updated for April 2017 Welcome to our round-up of the best discount deals for Booking.com! Since Booking.com offers the lowest possible price guaranteed, the company doesn't offer traditional promo codes, but instead [...]

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Bookit Coupon Code

Bookit Promo Codes for April 2017 As an online travel agency, Bookit can help you plan the vacation of your dreams. Of course, while you are planning that vacation, you need to keep your budget [...]

Air Travel Promo Codes:

The costs of air travel are known for fluctuating each day, and even at different times throughout the day. On top of that, they also have discount codes. Luckily we like to collect those codes and pass them onto you.

Here’s Why We’re The Best Place To Find The Cheapest Air Tickets:

We’ve teamed up with Expedia to offer a simple and easy to use search widget to help you find the lowest price on flights, hotels, and vacation packages to your chosen destination.

But ours is better. You know why? After you find the lowest price on a certain website (lets say, Expedia.com), you can then visit our Expedia page and use the best deals we have available.

Instructions: Type in your departing city and your arriving city, and the travel dates. A list of flight deals will appear, all sorted by price (lowest first, obviously!). You can change the default sorting feature if you’re looking for shortest flight time, direct flights only, etc.

More Flight Savings Resources:

Flight fares tend to be the most volatile of travel-related expenses. Booking more than ninety days in advance will save you money, and your favorite flights won’t be sold out. We also feature coupon codes from popular airlines to save you that little bit extra:

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Bookit Coupon Code

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  Expedia Coupon Codes for April 2017 Below are the latest travel deals for Expedia.com. To reveal any of the codes in the list below, click on the link and a new window will take [...]

Vacation Companies:

Vacation companies tend to be operated by popular airline companies like United, American, and Southwest Vacations. They work out deals with hotels in popular destinations and create packages that save you money. And you know what’s better? They also offer coupon codes to save you even more money off their trips: Here are our Featured Vacation companies:

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Southwest Vacations Promo Code

Southwest Vacations Coupon Codes for April 2017 The biggest low-cost airline in the world, Southwest Airlines was founded back in 1967. Southwest Vacations is the vacation packages division of Southwest Airlines, allowing customers to get [...]

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Bookit Coupon Code

Bookit Promo Codes for April 2017 As an online travel agency, Bookit can help you plan the vacation of your dreams. Of course, while you are planning that vacation, you need to keep your budget [...]

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Car Rental Discount Codes:

Once you get there, car rentals are a must for most places. We have lots of discount codes that’ll save you hundreds on your car rental. We also have promo codes for popular ride-sharing companies like Lyft and Uber! Depending on where you go, sometimes using a service like Uber to get around is actually cheaper than a car rental, once you add up gas and insurance.

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Lyft Coupon Code

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Avis Coupon Code

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Park ‘N Fly Coupon

Park ‘N Fly Coupon Codes for April 2017 Park ‘N Fly is the original airport parking service, founded in 1967. Its purpose is to make trips easier for you by giving you a secure location [...]

Insider Tip: Many people already have car rental insurance through their credit card, and so the car rental insurance is sometimes completely redundant. If you’re unsure about coverage, call your credit card company and ask them if you’re covered.

More About Our Most Popular Travel Pages:


You know the infamous commercials with Captain Obvious, right? Hotels.com has recently taken the travel world by storm. Formerly known as the “Hotels Reservation Network (HRN)”, the website has grown to challenge Expedia as the world’s most popular travel booking site.

The site also offers weekly promo codes that will save you an additional 5-15% off their already discounted prices. These offers change each week, so if you use Hotels.com as your main booking site, bookmark our deals page so you can keep coming back to it.

Click here to view all of our Hotels.com coupons

Expedia’s Daily Deals:

Expedia has taken a page from daily deal sites and created a “daily deals” section where you can browse limited time offers for flights, hotels, and vacation packages. These deals are usually for 40% off or more. Definitely a cool page to look at if you want to go travelling but aren’t too sure where to go just yet.

Click here to view our Expedia promo code page


Livingsocial is very much like Groupon in that they offer steep discounts for a limited time. They also have a ‘travel section’ devoted to cheap hotels and other amazing deals. The travel deals you see for Livingsocial are actually automatically generated based on what geographic location you (the website visitor) come from. So you should see travel deals that are close geographically to you.

We also have a dedicated promo code page for Livingsocial that features all their latest promotions.

Click here to view all our Livingsocial promo codes.

This is great if you want to go for a weekend away. However, if you want to travel to somewhere far away, this Livingsocial widget is less useful. Click through to their website and then you can browse all the travel deals Livingsocial has featured.


Okay, you got us: Amazon.com isn’t a travel company. But they do have a lightning box feature where they offer steep discounts on a few products for only an hour or two. Since pretty much everyone has bought something from Amazon.com at one point in their life, and those who search for “travel coupons” probably also enjoy searching for deals on other products that they buy.

Click here to view all our Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk promo codes.